Prof. Dr. Mustafa Soykut



Social Sciences Building, # Z-33
+90 312 210 50 41 or 210 3137




PhD, Universität Hamburg

M. A., Bilkent University


Areas of Interest

Cultural-political history of Europe vis-à-vis the Turks and Islam; the Papacy and the Ottoman Empire; historical image of the Turk in Europe; cultural history of the Renaissance and the Modern Age; history of religion in India and Asia; history of Buddhism and Hinduism



HIST 224        Medieval European History

HIST 228        History of Religion in Asia

HIST 321        Modern European History

HIST 357        The Turkish Image in Early Modern Europe

HIST 568        History of India



Selected Publications

"Note sui rapporti tra Italia, Islam e Impero ottomano (secoli XV-XVIII),” Archivio Storico Italiano 628: II (2011).


Italian Perceptions of the Ottomans. Conflict and Politics through Pontifical and Venetian Sources (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, 2011).


"Hittites, Tiaras and Dervishes in Anatolian Iconography,” The Art of Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent  in Cross-cultural Perspective, Anupa Pande and Mandira Sharma (eds.) (New Delhi: Aryan Books International, 2008).


“Two Cases of Heresy: The Christianity-Islam and Brahmanism-Buddhism Relationships in Particular Comparison to Turco-Ottoman History”, A est dell'Europa. Storia, Cultura e Società tra Età Moderna e Contemporanea, strumenti 12, Giuseppe Motta (ed.) (Viterbo: Edizioni Sette Città, 2004).


“Das Osmanische Reich und das Papstum im Prozeß der europäischen Identitätsbildung. Ein politikgeschichtlicher Blick auf das Zeitalter des Westfälischen Friedens”in  Europa im 17. Jahrhundert. Ein politischer Mythos und seine Bilder, Klaus Bußmann/Elke Werner (editors), Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2004.


(ed.), Historical Image of the Turk in Europe: Political and Civilisational Aspects (Istanbul: The Isis Press: 2003).


Image of the “Turk” in Italy. A History of the “Other” in Early Modern Europe:1453-1683 (Berlin: Klaus-Schwarz Verlag, 2001).